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tv   Inside Washington  PBS  January 8, 2010 8:30pm-9:00pm EST

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>> what do you think of wn you see a tree? but treatment for cancer? alrnative fuel for our cars? yothink of hope for t environment, or fd, clothing, shelter? we do. weyerhaeuser, owing ideas. >> this is my moment to step aside. >>his week on "inside washington two prominent sete democrats announced their retirements, and as a result, there is joy in lk radioville.
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>> these democrats during the obama ko-aid and they are committing polital suicide. >> but are rorts of their impending demise exaggerated? >> am ss interested in passing out blame and then i am in leaing from and correcting these mistakes toake us safer. ultimately, the bk stops with me. >> the wte house releases a report on the ristmas day and where mber. it is t at the tail. vernors cry out in pain as they feelhe effects of the battered enomy. also,uns in nbaocker room. no laughg matter. captioned by the natial captioning institute mark twain once cabled back
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to the united stes from london that repor of his death had been gatly exaggerated. decrat leaders have been sang that in washingn following the news tt two senators and a democtic governor had decidedot t and for rlection. north data senator byron dorgan, elected in 1982 after2 years and the house, is steppg down, -- elected in 1992 after 12 years ithe house, is stepping down, and chris dodd, who was elecd in 1990 -- elecd in 1980. >> i am aware of my current polical standing in coecticut, butt is equally clear that a prediction of any election inearly a yeafrom now would be absurd. >> dodd,organ, and gov. bill ritter all stepping
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aside after publican victories in the virginiand newersey. is the handwriting on thwall, rk? t isomewhere. is not good news. chs dodd, who ione of my favorite peoplen washington, but mavery well have staye o long. chris dodd, who iprivates one of the most disarming, natura unaffected, un pretentious people you'll ever meet,hen he stands before a podium, with t motion to commit, and we did not have a quum, and eyes glaze over. the irony is that he is leaving in his year o greatest accomplishme. but his leaving improves the chances of democrats lding on to the st in connecticut. that is not the case in north dakota. byron dorgan had a special relationship with that state, congressman at large, senator. and earl pomeroy, the congressman at large, docrat,
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is going to run for reelection in the house. on bance, it is not good news for mocrats. >> charles? >> when you consider where the demoats were a year ago, winning a ashing victory in the presidency, house, senate, conservatis in disarray with no where to go and no leadship, the turnaroun in one year is remarkable, a it is attributable to one thi -- obama overead his mandate and when left in direction that the country wanot ready to go, and what we're seeing is the fruits of that. however, there is sti a year. as long as there is a year to go, as opposed to buyour which has passed,n this coming year, it cld be reversed as we. i don'think the republicans ought to be assuming smashing success in novemberet. >> colby? ll that said, i don' think there was a lilihood that the democrats ll lose control of
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the house or senate, but i think th obama is likelto lose his veto-proof senate, and the house -- t democratic margins are going be smaller. so he is gng to have tough year ahead of h. think last yr may have been his best ye of the two. >> nina? >> i agree with charles that i to bid will to one tng, but the one thing is t economy, -- it is attributable to one thing, b the one thing is the economy, stupid. as long as we have double-digit unemploynt, the president and thparty in per has a lot of grief. i am not goingo predict which way this is gog to go at all. theconomy gets better, than the democra may eke it out somehow, but thewill not have 60 votes in the nate. >> 10% unemployment, 85,000 jobs lost let's go state--stat massachusetts, new york,
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colodo, illinois, and that we have harry reid, barra boxer, blanche lincoln -- wha is safe and at is not? >> blanche lincoln in arkansas and harry reidn nevada are the ones that republicans are hopeful about. chris dodd -- i think his steppingut will keep that seat democratic d byron dorgan'sseat looks as if it might go t the republicanif the govnor, a very popular republican, runs, he wilprobably win. >> what abo new york state? >> in new yorktate rightow, the reblicans' problem is that they have a week bunch. ru giuliani has gone to the private sectorfter his disarous presidential runn 2008,hich is probably go for publicans. george patakdoes not want to run. ck lio is the only volunteer. but ev harold ford, the former
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decratic congressman from tennessee,s thinking about running against the appoind democratic senator. that is good news r republicans. david paterson, the democtic governor, is b most accounts on elected. in massachetts, there is a good chance - is by most accounts unelectle. in massachetts, there is a good chance that a republin will defeat deval patrick, the democrat governor. the is a lot of place where it i encourang news for republicans. >> in the maachusetts senate race, the numbs are narrowing -- >> for ted kennedy's se. >> this seat in pennsylvania held by arlen specter could be in jeopay, too. >> what about republicans?
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you ve a lot of repuicans leaving. you talk about democrats, but the is a bunch of republicans -- >> that reallyhe key. chris van hollenyou had on, the chairman of th democratic house campaignommittee-hen republicansad a big year in 1994 and picd up 52 house seats, 30 of thoseeats were open seats-hat is, theyere tirements. at5% ofncumbents still get reelected, in bad times and good time e big chance for a party to take over a seat is wh there is noncumbent. up until now, democratic retirementhave been limited. >> could i add one word ochris dodd and his swan sg? i thought itas a gracious spch, and it was unusual in a classy way in which he admitted that one of the reasons he is leaving is because he is in trouble, and sondly, the way he said how phetic is the way that other people sp out
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up politicand say it is to spend time wittheir family. i think he is right aut that. i think there oht to be a law that anyime a person declares he is running for office, he has to be requireto insert ithe announcement speech at he is doing it in order to spend less time with s family. >> but you know what john madden said wn he quit otball the first time, that the uff about spending time with the family is overrated, that is you, the mailn, and the dog, basically. >> if you look at theonald reagan midrm election, the first onin 1982, everybody thought was going to get killed. he didose 26 seats in e house, but he did not lose any seats in theenate. obamaites really havto hunker down on their polics here. from democratic perspective you talk to democrats, they areost unhappy not about
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polici, but about actua politics, people not getting things they are supposeto get at not getng through to the people they're supposed to get through to the machine tt won e election for obamaeems to have lo its wheels. >> democrats always complained -- >> complais from the party and the hi that the party ithe white house is not doing polies correctly. obama will be faced with mpletely different problem. th is ever man for himself, every woman for hielf o pitol hill. they will be runni their own caaigns. but obama ia basketball player and has to lea how tplay good defense. he also has t learn ttoughen up a little bit. there ia time to be cool, there is a time to be hot. he is going to have occasions this cing year where he is gog to have to turn up the heat and let people know that h
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els strongly abo somhing. if he does that, i think -- and the economy improvess well -- you might see a shift. but you cannot be cool this year when tngs are going to be so hot. >> a f problems this administration fes -- the year with the president's job approval ratg on the economy is at 1/3, unemployment is at %, the president'job rating dropped to 35%he following january -- that was 1982, that was ronald reagan, andhey lost 26 house seats, and nald reagan won re-ectionarrying 49 states justwo years later. bill clinton, with unemploymen 5.8%, butis own to operating headingut a 37%, the lowe of his presidency, the demoats lost 52 house seats. democrs can take consotion that obamaemains 50% or above,
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t the key is unemploymen there has toe a sense of commitment and passion, and the result that voters see this administtion is not oy concerned and committed, but dog something about unemployment. unemploynt at 10% in october 2010, i am sing goodnight to an awful lot odemocrats. >> i think oma's problem is not the temperare he admits, but matter of ideology. he announced a bd left-wing agenda at th beginning, health care and c-and-trade, and he forced a l of moderate democrats on cap-a-trade i e house to walk the plank fo m. and also on health care, the reason they wanhealth care done and behind em is because he wants to tack to the center this year and conntrate on the economy and the debt. the healthare debate had two effects -- a, it did wha mar
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outlined in givg a feeling it to the country tt that was the most imptant issue to the president and not the economy, gave a feeling of neglt. secondly, there washe substance of health car which a majority ofmericans reject. one thing has behind him -- think he's exemely intelligent, obamaand he will talk to the centeand spend the whole year on the economy, whh willelp in the midterm ections. >> the psident takes responsibility forhe underwear bomb slip-up. >> i have a solemn responbility to protect our naon and our peopl and when the syst fails, it isy responsibility. >> the whiteouse releas a report on the event. security officia reportedly did flag the alleged would-be bomber for screening, but only after he was alreadyirborne on the way to detroit. apparently t plan was to run at the young man tough additional screening aftere
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landed. colby, i am no expert on airline securitybut i would tnk he would want to keep him o the airplane before gets on. >> ne idea. i said elier in the wk, commenting on what the administration has de on this question, that i fd it not very reassuring. even aft the president spoke and you heard from mr. brennan and also hold a security seetary napolitano, i am still noreassured -- homeland securityecretary napitano, i am still not reaured. when you get to the sutance of what they recommended, yo'd say, "g, i thoht they had done that already. what is new about this?" it is nic that he says "the bu stops here," but the team he h around wi them just fas, in my view, to ma me feel like they know what the doing.
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there is boostesm coming out ofrennan. i don't care that he says to the esident, "i have failedou." i don't care about that. at isrrelevant. what i care about his perfmance, and what i don't seis any reassurance -- olby is whitebout his recommendations. one of tm -- the fst -- colby is right about those recoendations. the first dective in his spch was tt highriority intelligence would be alt with. while that iremarkable. you would assume tt would already be happening. >> y would assume that would be happeni for nine years. were better off tn we were nineears ago. but imagine this is gointo keep happening, in a ministration. it is going to kp hpening, and if we're lky, the plane does not explode t it is the nature of this beast that itannot be perfect.
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>> the reascandal is what happened aftward. the president does not he control of all elements of our intelligence, and there was a mistake in the embassy in nigeria and althis stu, it is notis conol. but once the guy is apprehended, and this is a gu with acte intelligence, just spe four months in yemen -- we e told that yen is the new, rea tive, hot style threat -- spent it four us tre and there are people who are armed and trained him, and he starts singg right away. what is the obama administration do? they ge him lawyer and ran out rights and ut him up. that is unlievably irresponsible, -- andiranda rights and shut hiup. that is unbelievably irrespsible an almost criminal. >>ccording toeports, he is not shut up. is continuing to give informion. >> that isot what brennan
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said. >>e could shut up. >> this is not what we have had in the past, failure tshare telligence. this w a failure to integrate and reond to the intelligence that ty did have. i think t sense of urgency was the thing. i think it is iortant that it beat rnergize -- be reenergized. but we can never get the threat leveled down to zero. you can just dot as best you can. obviousl the technology - we are going to have a btle over privacy a security and i think security is gog to prevail this time. >> i spent a fr amount of time over the yea in northe ireland. they had pduced soldiers on every street corner, on rotops -- had british soldiers on every stet corner, on rooftops,nd still be irate got through -- the ira got through.
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>> we ed an attitude adjustment. we cannot just beat spectators and say, what is going on in yemen, afghanistan, iraq, and what is going on with homeland secity. people have to have a cpletely different orientation to the thread. what i think is missg is that sense of urgency. i stl cannot get over the ea at the man who is responsie for counterterrorism, the d ter christmas goes on vacati r seven days is hisatch. i learned as young second lieutenant that you are responsible r everything that people do an everything that theyail to do. he was suppod to stand his post -- >>f we need anttitude adstment, and if chaes is right about what we do with these folks, congre has absolutelyashed its hands of dealinwith who would- who
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it detains a how to detain them, an until cgress actually joins it administration at passes gislation on tt, we do not have an aitude adjustment. >> i te the director unter-terrorism and left two days after christmas. obously, the president has deded to keep him. he did, in fact, and some he been critical of barack obam -- he did step and said the success hamany fathers and failure is an orph. this is my job. >> pain and suffering in states and municipalities. >> look at history. cultures of addiction to spending, powe and approval, ha ruined empires, and th reaten the entire state. -- the empire state.
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>> we knew it was cominand we have noted for years. >> gov. vid paterson of new york, gov. arnold schwarzenegger of california. gentlemen,e feel yourain. unemploymentthe latest figures, 10%. is the any belief anywhere? the constitutionaand and endorsed by the government of califoia -- constitutiol amendment endorsed by the govement of california was that it uld not spend more o ison than they do on public educion, which they do not pre the jewel of public educatioin the united states, k-12 to clege a university system, is n a basket case, and is a tragedy. we hav had a political tactic overhe last 25 years, and it isax cut, t cut, t cut and i ll never ask you to be a citizen and pick up e burden. >> in the case o california, it
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is hard to have sympathy for us itas spending recklesy in the good years. -- for a state that was spending recklessly in the good use. decided it wld instute its own at stem cell policy, get $3 billion as a result of referendum on the st cells, which is not a ste issue, but a tional issue, and it is a slus fund and its research has proded almost nothing. why a steelwork in a poor state ought to be taxed to bail out e indulgences of california is beyond m >> what i -- find i -- i canno y all of these -- but the governors are pretty realistic. in califnia you he a republican gernors say to the legislature that we arputting people in prisoor too long for small crime, and balloned e budget for prisonshile we are messing wit this in jew
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our education system. in nework, david paterson is in terriblerouble politicly worthless. but he actually mas sense in terms of looking at what a the ste has to do in terms of its policies, in terms o money. an the leglature, just as it do in califora, just fiddles while me burns. >> colby, schwarzenegger supporte national health care reformbut now says it wl kill california. >> the legislatus have the capacity to addrs the problems. th have the ahority and capacity to address e problems. they don't ha the will to address the proble. this is true not just of the governors, but the lislatures. you see it in an yor state, california, and we are goi to see it in virginia and marand. they are all challenge. even the d.c. council in the nation's capital archallenged
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to do some thing abo it they have the ability to do with it. let's see if they have the guts too it. >> they don't. some of them are corrupt, some of them are politically craven, some of theare operating in a system like california. >> you hav albany, whi is a total disaster. alba ought to be eliminate om the map. [laughter] it is a sea of corruption and onyism. >> are youalking abo a nuclear strike? a neutron bomb. but california -- nina is absolutely right. if you have term limits, where the speaker the house just arved last tuesday and becomes spker of theouse, and you are oy there for sixears, that it guaraees that lobbyist interests ar dominant. the cycle continues, and eig not a virtuous cycle.
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>> the most talked-about sry this week, guns in the washinon wizard's locker room. >> i am a goofball, so even doing someing like this, i will make fun it. >> nba all-star gilbert arenas not making funf it n. commissioner did stern suspended him indefinily for having guns in the locke room. >> stern w trying to figure out the prop response and aras bically make it impossible noto do something severe when he point his finger like that in public at one ofis -- teammates >> with a photographer present. what is e message for kids? >> the message for kid is very simple, and i write about it in the column -- a good jump shot isot indicative of character. just aan individual who loves to chase cocktail waitresses may still had a goo swing of a golf club, just as a grown man on the
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footba field can act like immature lite boys the point is that athleticism is not synonymous thntegrity, fideli, or common sense. if you canet that across the kids,hat that is not whereou look for roleodels, you mht get somewhere. >> try to get it across to the athletes. a man of realntegrity and soci conscnce, the late owner of the wizard, who died a few weeksgo, and in essence, you are almost ateful that he died befor he could s this. hes the man who chang the name of the team, t bullets, which d a lg and distinguished history, simply becausit gave the wrong meage, and he did iand probably lost a lot of mey doing it, but it meant a lot to him. to have a member of his am in a gun issue in the verizon ceer, which he built, would
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ha broken his heart. >> i love sports, becauset makes no difference whetherour family arrivedn the mayflower or came here 20 mutes ago across the border. if you c hit a curve ball, y n hit a curveball. it is very egalitari and american in that sense. is the antithesis o that. if y are a gifted athlete, that gifted alete by the age of culp is on scholarship, and teachers and- at school by the age of 12 is on scholarship, and teachers and schl principals and college rectors look the other way as lg as he is putting people in the seats and money in the conferee. it is outbre is an indefensible. -- outbreak is an defensible. >> last word. see u next week. for a transcript othis broadcast, log on to
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